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Cat# STCD1076



Released: 09 Jun 1997
Country: SENEGAL

Price: £11.95

Lemzo Diamono play "hard mbalax", a guitar driven, fast, furious and raw take of the genre popularised and sanitised for European consumption by Youssou H'Dour.

"mbalax the way smart young Dakaroises like it: loud, hard and intensely rhythmic."
The Times

"It's irresistibly resonant of the country and the best excuse for jumping on a plane to Dakar I've ever heard yet."
Time Out

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Sportif 04:55
02 Taaw Bi 04:47
03 Chance 04:48
04 Migration 04:53
05 Yaru-Na 05:38
06 Wadiour 04:51
07 Atterrissage Force 04:53
08 Masla-Bi 04:52
09 Dougou Dougou 06:09
10 Simb 06:01
11 Boul Ko Fowe 05:14
12 Marimbalax 05:30

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