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Cat# STCD2016



Released: 20 May 2002
Country: BRAZIL

Price: £9.95

Using a sparing and clever use of electronic effects alongside a multitude of acoustic Instruments, Nouvelle have produced a cool-tempo jazz-bossa workout which drifts easily In and out of a progressive journey through jazz-funk, trip-hop, soul and beyond.

A sophisticated sound ... sultry vibraphone, soulful vocals, noodling clarinet, chiming guitars - it's intimate music for the small hours or else the poolside bar ...
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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Samba Primitivo 04:21
02 Sereia 05:08
03 Music Matador 04:15
04 Decidete Mi Amor 03:05
05 Tears 03:29
06 Quem Vem Pra Beira Do Mar 04:05
07 Sair Do Ar 03:49
08 Ceu Do Brasil (Riquixa) 03:49
09 Free Bossa 03:59
10 Dock Of The Bay 04:13
11 Las Hormigas 03:24
12 Amor 04:25
13 Pra Dizer Adeus 03:22
14 I Loves You Porgy 03:59
15 Bewitched 04:19
16 Acaua 04:54
17 Mulher Rendeira 05:19

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