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Cat# MAE0005



Released: 20 Nov 2008

Price: £13.45

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Saida 04:37
02 Sumara 03:53
03 Love So Good Feat. Dre Robinso 03:59
04 Fiesta Feat. Buddha Monk 03:53
05 Mi So 03:32
06 Nos Terra 04:01
07 Junta Coragi 03:49
08 Gone 03:17
09 Taxi 04:00
10 Homi Di Branco 03:11
11 Distancia 03:37
12 You Make My Body Sing 03:31
13 Bai 03:23
14 2 Steps Back 04:19
15 Cry No More 03:17
16 Verdadi E Amor 04:36
17 Dilema (Bonus Track) 04:17
18 Paraiso (Bonus Track) 05:07
19 Silencio (Bonus Track) 04:16

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Customer Reviews
Arthur : I already bought this album in Belgium a few months ago, it's not an easy album because it's very diverse and there are many tracks, but by now I'm sort addicted to it. When I'm in the car, listening to it always makes me happy.. there are Zouk songs on it, some acoustic, some English R&B, maybe I never get bored with it just because it's so diverse... and in a way, all songs are just great pop songs, every one of them, even though I don't understand the language..
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