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Released: 01 Jun 2009

Sterns TOP Veteran
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Nov 2009 - 12
Oct 2009 - 11
Sep 2009 - 23
Jul 2009 - 20

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Hode Baba (I'm Worried He's Mo 06:02
02 Fiten Azorkugn (I Turned My Fa 05:49
03 Melkam Kehonelish (If That Is 04:05
04 Sewbekagn (How Can I Forget Yo 07:51
05 Giba Wedebet (Come Inside) 07:34
06 Min Atefahu (What Have I Done 05:19
07 Yeteleye Fikir (Love In Harar) 03:49
08 Ewnetun Nigeregn (Tell Me The 04:21
09 Gondar 04:25
10 Sintun Ayehu Bante (Because Of 04:10
11 Milash Situgn (Give Me An Answ 05:54
12 Dankira (Dance City Boy) 04:44

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Customer Reviews
dave b : As far as I am concerned this should be at no.1 it is an incredible album of real depth and substance spanning so many genres but developing its own style. The array of guests is fascinating (Mahmoud Ahmed, Justin Adams, Captain Sensible, Zion Train, TGU, Baka Beyond, Baba Maal's composer, Simon Hinkler (The Mission), Ozric Tentacles etc etc. Wow. What an album and all from someone who apparently was aid working in Mali and Ethiopia for 8 years with a studio in tow. Respect.
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