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Released: 19 May 2008
Country: D.R.CONGO

Sterns TOP Veteran
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Jun 2008 - 16

Price: £12.95

Madilu was Grand Maitre Franco's favourite singer, and some of the best Congolese musicians alive jumped at the chance to make this album with "System" in 1994.

"Moving seamlessly from classic rumbas to upbeat soukous a la mode. Madilu's system is unstoppable, a perfectly oiled echo of the inimitable Franco style ... Monumental."
Top Magazine

" stunning ... a real classic"
Paint it Red

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Ya Jean 07:01
02 Pie Mboyo 06:17
03 Autoroute 05:57
04 Biya 07:32
05 Apula 06:03
06 Blessure d'amour 05:39
07 Paradiso 05:58
08 Nzele 07:01
09 La Fleur du Ciel 05:52
10 Beau Souvenir 05:59

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