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Cat# STCD1090



Released: 11 May 2000
Country: SENEGAL

Sterns TOP Veteran
Date/place on top
Dec 2000 - 14
Oct 2000 - 24
Aug 2000 - 19

Price: £11.95

The tama cuts a hypnotic swathe across the beat and the sabar mesmerises with its insistent, erratic ratatata-tat, tat-tat! Fallou's lyrical voice contrasts perfectly with the relentless, random polyrhythms of Medina.

"Fallou Dieng and band come swarming in with instant emotion and hormone pressure on the build, tama and sabar drums clattering and pushing and a fat horn section shunting all arses into gear from the off, crackling with life and musical wit. He is the genuine article."
Folk Roots

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Biri Biri 05:40
02 Natti Degg 05:44
03 Medina 04:43
04 Jog Leen 05:20
05 Walo Walo 05:08
06 Kolare 04:51
07 Withiakhou 04:55
08 Beusseum-Bi 05:08
09 Njiit 04:36
10 Weex Bet 05:03
11 Retraite-Yi 05:16
12 Kolare(96) 05:14

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