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Released: 09 Mar 2009
Country: GUINEA

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ē Ba Cissoko is the genuine article: born a griot with a musical lineage that stretches back centuries, Ba Cissoko, and his group of the same name, are as at home in the back-streets of Marseilles, France, as they are in the back-yard of the family compound in Conakry, Guinea. Their vision of tradition is alive and vibrant; there are no off-the-shelf drum loops with sampled vocals, no sterile fantasies. If they hook-up one of their Koras to an effects peddle, or crank up the fuzz on a lead guitar, itís because thatís what their music demands and because thatís what works!

"Guinea's most renowned kora player has made his name by innovation, twinning his own acoustic instrument with an electrified version played by his cousin. This third album takes a step back towards tradition, however. There are still bursts of sonic wizardry - wah wah kora, growling fuzz guitar - but the spirit of change is as much in the use of Latin, funk and reggae flavours. If, after the dazzle of his previous album, Electric Griot Land, there's a sense of anti-climax, the results still roll along sweetly enough, whether the family based quartet is taking things fast and furious, on "Bambo", or stately, on "Gambia". "

Neil SpencerThe Observer

"You wouldn't think that the austere harp-like chime of intertwined koras would sit well with distorted bursts of lead guitar, but this Guinean quartet has a gift for making music that's greater than the sum of its parts. The burnished laidback vocals of Kimintan Cissoko, in relation to the intricate polyrhythmic riffing, is a further happy juxtaposition. An occasional flirtation with reggae completes the picture. This is a pleasing refinement of the sound they presented on 2006's Electric Griot Land."

Howard Male The Independent

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Seno 04:42
02 Badinia 04:42
03 Bambo 04:21
04 Yadou 03:51
05 Conakry 05:04
06 Africa Dance 04:29
07 Chauffeur Taxi 05:15
08 Nina 03:10
09 Tamo 04:22
10 Gambie 05:37
11 Music 04:28
12 Soumou 03:32

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