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Released: 09 Nov 2009

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• In 2007/8 her debut album, “Navega”, won rave reviews and awards, including the ‘Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik’ and a ‘BBC Award for World Music’. It has since sold more than 70,000 CDs and is still going strong. The follow up “Storia, storia...” continues with a powerful Brazilian lilt. The basic ideas were defined in Paris with Cape Verdean multi-instrumentalist Kim Alvés, Cameroonian bassist Etienne M’Bappé and Brazilian percussionist Ze Luis Nascimento. Then under the guiding hand of producer Alê Siqueira, whose recent clients include Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso and Tom Zé, those ideas were developed in Brazil with, among others, percussionists at “Compania dos tecnicos”, a legendary samba studio in Copacabana and pianist André Mehmari in São Paulo. In Cuba, pianist Roberto Fonseca and tres player Pancho Amat came on board.

"Her debut suggested the arrival of a significant new Cape Verdean talent, but repeated plays of this follow-up suggest that the 24-year-old Cuban-born singer might be about to spring into mainstream consciousness the way that Mariza did. She claims this was an easy album to make: it will surely be hard to improve on"

David Hutcheon The Times

"Cape Verdean, Brazilian and African rhythmic retentions add a depth to Andrade's unapologetically pretty music, felt in cross-rhythms and beat-shifting meter changes. A delightful album, elegant and vibrant in equal measure."

Chris May All About Jazz

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Storia, Storia... 02:52
02 Tchapu Na Bandera 03:53
03 Seu 03:57
04 Juana 02:56
05 Konsiensia 04:08
06 Odjus Fitchadu 03:41
07 Nha Damaxa 02:48
08 Mon Carrousel 04:11
09 Badiu Si... 03:40
10 Morena, Menina Linda 04:06
11 Palavra 03:14
12 Turbulensa 03:42
13 Lembransa 03:17

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