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Released: 05 Nov 2012
Country: GUINEA

Sterns TOP Veteran
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Nov 2013 - 4
May 2013 - 9
Jan 2013 - 4
Nov 2012 - 1

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UK The Griot's Craft - Sékouba BambinoUS The Griot's Craft - Sékouba Bambino

Even as a teenager the strong, soaring voice of Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté was known throughout his region of north-eastern Guinea. Over the years he's presented himself in many different guises, joining Bembeya Jazz in the early eighties as lead vocal a notable mention, but each time Bambino has worked with integrity and art. Here he is stripped down to the bare minimum - which, in Guinea, means 15 musicians - but all acoustic, all beautifully sympathetic and all tight in support of the main event: Bambino's voice and his songs.Whether in praise of a patron or in condemnation of female circumcision, Bambino's voice and the uniquely rolling grooves and melancholy modes of Guinea demand that we listen. It's a command worth obeying.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Koumakelalou 05:16
02 Seko Bangaly 06:34
03 Moya Kankoun 05:06
04 Sekouba Barna 06:22
05 Diatiguya 06:02
06 Kaba Mousso 05:31
07 Kadete 04:02
08 L'excision 05:17
09 Habiba 05:40

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