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Released: 17 Mar 2014
Country: SUDAN/UK

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Dec 2014 - 5

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Backed by double bass, acoustic guitar and percussion, and with only the lightest of touches from other guest musicians, Amira Kheir continues to develop and refine her unique interpretation of the Sudanese tradition. In the spirit of the album's title, “the desert”, her sound is clear and ascetic, recorded in the acoustically beautiful space of the Union Chapel, London, it is a true and honest reflection of Amira's own compelling live performances. Her music might be set in the wide open spaces of Alsahraa, but here its impact is intimate and personal.

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Ya Gadir 02:37
02 Alsahraa 05:08
03 Habibi Ta'al 06:11
04 Ya Mara 04:31
05 Luna 05:28
06 Sera 04:01
07 Kasr Almiraya 04:58
08 Ma'assalama Rafiqi 06:20
09 Fil Teyf 06:42
10 Khallooni 06:02

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