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Released: 17 Jul 2015

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Nov 2016 - 8
Dec 2015 - 2
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"After its guitar-playing, revolutionary ex-president, Thomas Sankara, a friend of Fela Kuti, who was assassinated in a military coup in 1987, Burkina Faso's most famous son is probably vocalist and songwriter Amadou Balaké, who died last year aged 70. Balaké recorded his first album in 1976 and found a degree of international fame post-2000 as a member of international salsa supergroup Africando. In Conclusion was Balaké's final recording, on which he revisits 11 of his favourite songs backed by a stunning eight-piece band of young Burkinabé musicians who bring breathtaking new twists to the region's guitar, balafon and ngoni traditions.

Recorded in 2013 in Ouagadougou, mostly in one take with few overdubs, the album is a delight of the first order."

Chris May for Jocks & Nerds July 2015

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Kambele Ba 04:33
02 Bar Konon Mousso 04:17
03 Lamizana 05:46
04 Naaba 05:36
05 Massa Kamba 04:35
06 Kele Bila 05:34
07 Fanta 03:10
08 Wayi Queligi Yelle 03:54
09 Balake 05:46
10 Oye Ka Bara Kignan 03:46
11 Yelle 04:04

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