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Released: 16 Oct 2015
Country: MALI

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Dec 2017 - 9
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Dec 2015 - 1

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Continuing a relationship that has brought us all her international releases, Ibrahima Sylla finally coaxed Kandia Kouyaté back into the studio in 2011 for what would, sadly, turn out to be his last production with her.

“This new album was only made because of Sylla. I had been ill and Sylla was gravely ill, but he was always there, encouraging me. He asked me to sing everything I knew, everything that that was in my head. I said 'I know nothing. I’ve forgotten everything.' But he insisted. 'Tomorrow it will come back,' he said.”

And it did. Her voice, darker and richer than when it first carried her to fame more than 30 years ago, has an authority that draws from a deep well, and the resulting album is a resounding declaration of her personal and artistic rebirth.

"Back again and on top form" Ian Anderson fRoots Radio

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Koala Boumba 05:48
02 Mali Ba 06:25
03 Kassi Doundo 05:10
04 Mogoya Douman 05:13
05 Dakolo 04:37
06 Konoba Doundo 05:47
07 Tie Faring (Souri) 07:32
08 Sadjougoule 04:21
09 Mandjala 04:53
10 Camara Donfoli 11:12

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