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Released: 14 Oct 2016

Sterns TOP Veteran
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Dec 2017 - 5
Nov 2016 - 2

Price: £11.95

Kora maestro takes it to another level

Dawda Jobarteh's second release on Sterns Music is a worthy follow-up to 2011's ground-breaking Northern Light Gambian Night.

As the grandson of Alhaji Bai Konte and son of Amadou Bansang, Dawda is at the epicentre of Gambia’s musical aristocracy. He is also known for creating an intense contemporary vision of an ancient tradition.

Transitional Times again sees Dawda meld the contemporary with the traditional in equal measure. Either reworking a jazz standard or using guitar effect pedals,

Dawda makes both the kora and the music of his heritage current and vital.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Winter Trees Stand Sleeping 02:21
02 Our Time In Tanjeh 03:01
03 Efo 04:49
04 Kaira 05:14
05 Transition 05:33
06 Mba Sina 06:15
07 All One 04:52
08 Jamming In The Fifth Dimension 05:34
09 Lullaby Med Jullie 03:10
10 Mama Sawo 03:43
11 Bright Sky Over Monrovia 04:27
12 Kanoo 00:49
13 Presenting The King 02:54
14 Dalua 03:46

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