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Released: 25 Jun 2012
Country: BRASIL

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US Nó Na Orelha - Criolo UK Nó Na Orelha - Criolo

The child of migrants from the North East of Brazil to the commercial hub of São Paulo, Kleber Gomes aka Criolo grew up in Grajaú (Zona Sul), one of the poorest suburbs circling this modern megacity. From these humble beginings to the heights of stardom that Criolo is currently heading for in Brazil his story remains unique. Nó Na Orelha ('Knot In The Ear') is one of the most successful Brazilian releases of 2011 and a remarkable break-through by an underground name to the mainstream spotlight. Completely self-penned, it was produced by Marcelo Cabral and celebrated Nação Zumbi producer Daniel Ganjaman. From afro-beat to samba, dub, acid jazz, bolero, hip hop and Afro-Brazilian funk Nó Na Orelha is spiked with urgent energy often followed by tender crooning. Criolo has the ability to talk to everyone in his music.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Bogota 04:40
02 Subirusdoistiozin 03:34
03 Nao Existe Amor Em Sp 04:41
04 Marip 03:37
05 Freques Da Meia Noite 04:10
06 Grajauex 02:36
07 Samba Sambei 03:43
08 Sucrilhos 04:00
09 Lion Man 03:26
10 Linha De Frente 04:30
11 Samba Sambei Dub Mix 03:41

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