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Released: 09 Jul 2007
Country: GUINEA

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The classic instrumental recordings, made between 1970 to 1983 and long-prized by collectiors, feature the African Virtuoses, a group that, in its various incarnations, introduced one of the most illustrious guitar-playing families in Africa, the Diabate Brothers.

"There simply isn't a moment on this lovely album which isn't magical and transporting. Every track is a delight"

Chris May All That Jazz

"Hauntingly beautiful, the interplay between the brothers switching, filling in, buoying one another up, and elegantly paced, almost leisurely here, with great passion there, the joy conveyed in its pure mastery; oh yes, this is music to listen to over and over again. "

Barry Eisenberg Beat Magazine

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Nanibali 06:00
02 Kankan Diarabi 06:02
03 Wouloukoro 04:30
04 Hafia 04:52
05 Dembati Galant 05:39
06 Madame Nana 04:18
07 Toubaka 04:46
08 N'fa 06:38
09 Ballade Sur La Lagune 05:07
10 Solo Virtuose 16:53

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