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Released: 11 Apr 2011

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Formed in 1959, Western Jazz Band was both a band and a social club who derived their name from their home of Western Province in Tanzania, which many of the original members came from, and the ubiquitous term ‘jazz’ which for many decades denoted all things modern in African music. This compilation showcases songs from 1973 – 1975, a time when their singles were hits throughout Africa, a time now impossible to recreate.

All tracks diligently re-mastered from earliest available sources, complete with rare images, song translations from the original Swahili and notes from East African musical expert Douglas Paterson.

"..there are no external influences: no Latin quotes, no funk or Britpop, no soul or R&B, just pure inventive harmonies and catchy melodies."

Alastair Johnston Muzikifan

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Western Jazz Band from Songs of Happiness, Poison & Ululation

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Rosa 06:24
02 Amina Maliza Masomo (Amina Fin 06:59
03 Vigelegele (Ululation) 06:12
04 Flora na Esta (Flora & Esta) 06:20
05 Helena No. 1 07:21
06 Shida (Hardship) 05:58
07 Leo Nakuonya (Today I Warn You 05:27
08 Kupenda Ni Matokeo (Love Is th 07:29
09 Helena No. 2 07:09
10 Mary 05:48
11 Ahadi (A Promise) 06:28
12 Siri ya Nyumbani (A Secret of 04:40
13 Tamaa Haifai (Greed Is of No U 06:03
14 Kubadili Dini (To Change Relig 07:15
15 Usiamini Binadamu (Don't Trust 04:54
16 Marafiki Wabaya (Bad Friends) 05:36
17 Balaa Limeniandama (Calamity H 06:28

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