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Released: 30 Jul 2013

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Dec 2014 - 9
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As a child Titina used to wake each morning to follow the smell of fresh corn bread and coffee which would lead her to her neighbouring house and to the bewitching chords of its owner, legendary Cape Verdean composer, poet and activist B. Leza (1905 – 1958). So began a life of music for Titina, who started recording singles by the country’s greatest composers from the age of 15 and finally in 1988 she felt ready to record a selection of recordings by B. Leza. Its been 25 years since Titina recorded these songs and this definitive edition, prepared by Astral Music in partnership with Titina, will help seal the gap of the many years these recordings have been unavailable.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Terra Longe 04:05
02 Estrella da Marinha 03:36
03 Bejo de Sobade 04:39
04 Marcha de Oriundo 05:57
05 Note de Mindelo 05:20
06 Galo Bedjo 03:20
07 Rapsodia (mornas) 10:48

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