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Released: 21 Sep 2015
Country: GUINEA

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Dec 2015 - 9

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Out on vinyl for the first time since 1967

Fetede by presidents, lauded with awards and prizes - not many groups in the world can boast such a legacy. The story of Guinean popular music is so closely tied to the story of Bembeya Jazz that the two are virtually inseparable.

Formed in 1961 and still playing today, Bembeya Jazz National perfected a sophisticated blend of indigenous musical styles, Congolese influences, Islamic traditions and genuine Cuban rumba. During the 1960s and 70s they toured widely in Africa, made occasional visits to Moscow to consolidate Soviet-Guinean ties, and were one of the few African bands to visit Cuba.

This title was the first full-length album release by the legendary Bembeya Jazz.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Djanfamagni 04:09
02 Almamy Mamaren 03:41
03 Dembaty Galant 03:10
04 Guine E Hety Hore Moun 04:32
05 Minuit 03:08
06 Bembeyako 03:07
07 Air Guine E 03:22
08 Djamana Bara Sabati 03:33
09 Trafiquant 03:12
10 Loi-Cadre 03:49

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