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Released: 21 Sep 2015
Country: GUINEA

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Dec 2015 - 4

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Out on vinyl for the first time since 1967

Whether it was with songs about incest and suicide, or through those praising a local fruit-juice company or even, due to a typographical error, with the marvelously titled “Kiss My Noose” (it should have been “Kiss My Nose”), Keletigui et ses Tambourinis were at the heart of Guinea’s state-sponsored musical explosion in the 1960s and 70s. They faithfully upheld the principles of authenticité espoused by Sekou Touré, first president of the newly independent nation, when he announced on the radio: “If one can’t play the music of one’s own country, then one should stop playing altogether”.

That instruction, however, did not apply to the music of Cuba or to jazz. On the one hand, in a Cold War world, Castro and Cuba were allies and on the other, both musics were played by black musicians, descendants of Africans and therefore considered as part of a greater African family. The resulting mix placed Guinea at the forefront of musical experimentation and helped set the scene for African music today.

Track# / Song nametime 
01 Diaraby 05:07
02 Mariama 03:23
03 Nadia 03:28
04 Mone Magnin 03:43
05 La Guinee Moussolou 06:03
06 Nankoura 04:26
07 Wouyamagnin 04:25
08 Orchestre Paillote 04:21
09 Bandian 04:07
10 N'djiguinira 04:55

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