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Released: 14 Oct 1987
Country: MALI

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Salif Keita's seminal album that broke all the records and changed all the rules. No album before or since Soro has had quite the same impact

"Epic. The album surrounds one of the world's great voices with a brooding intensity - nothing has sounded quite the same since."
Q Magazine

"Salif Keita is altogether in a different league. Totally unique."
The Independent

"breathtakingly beautiful ..."
Melody Maker

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Track# / Song nametime 
01 Wamba 04:46
02 Soro (Afriki) 09:51
03 Souareba 04:45
04 Sina (Soumouya) 04:49
05 Cono 06:01
06 Sanni Kegniba 07:58

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