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Released: 17 Aug 2009
Country: D.R.CONGO

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Franco Luambo Makiadi was Africa’s unrivalled guitar legend whose lilting music changed the sound of a continent. Twenty years after Franco’s death, Congolese guitar maestro Syran Mbenza brings together a host of stars to celebrate his incredible musical legacy. Led by Mbenza, widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s best guitarists, the album features the honeyed voice of Wuta Mayi and bassist Flavien Makabi from Franco’s OK Jazz band, as well as leading musicians from the pivotal groups Quatre Etoiles and Kekele. Together, they deliver a dozen of the greatest Congolese tracks of all time and celebrate Franco’s dictum ‘En entre OK. En sort KO!’ (You arrive OK and leave knocked out!)
Track# / Song nametime 
01 Heritage Ya Luambo 05:53
02 Beyou Motema 06:06
03 Liyanzi Ekoti Ngai Na Motema ( 05:18
04 Mbanda Nasali Nini (Madeleine) 05:11
05 Matinda 05:06
06 Infidelite Mado 05:54
07 Salima 05:15
08 Rumba Odemba 05:33
09 Liwa Ya Franco 04:52
10 Cherie Bondowe 05:46
11 Zozo Visi 05:22
12 Tour A Tour 04:58

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Customer Reviews
Oppenheimer : As we approach the 20th anniversary of Franco's death this October, we are grateful for this excellent and joyful reminder of the breadth and depth of Le Grand Maitre's life work as a guitarist, song writer and band leader. This album brings out performances and enthusiasm that go well beyond Kekele's efforts; and, hopefully will encourage more African music lovers to go back to the source: to buy and listen to all 33 years of OK Jazz/TPOK Jazz.
: Indeed this is one of the best rumba collections in recent years.
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